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Workplace Accidents

Riverside & San Bernardino Workplace Accidents Attorneys

Every year millions of people are injured due to accidents while they are at their work place. Thousands of these accidents result in serious injuries and even death. An employee who has been injured at work is entitled to compensation for their injuries. If the employee who suffered injuries has died than their family members may be entitled to compensation. If you ever suffer a work related injury it is important to contact a well established, experienced attorney who can walk you through the steps to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to.

Workers' Compensation in Inland Empire

The "exclusive remedy rule" refers to when an employee has suffered a work related injury, but does not sue the employer, instead the employee pursues a workers' compensation case. Few exceptions to this rule, which results in the employee suing the employer, include suing the employer for intentional misconduct. Asbestos cases are a good example of this, because the employers knew the dangers but did not provide safety equipment to the employees. The "punch-press exception" is another example, this law was enacted when manufactures removed the punch press guards that kept the employees safe. This action resulted in multiple limb amputations and other major injuries.

Workers' compensation is in place to give the injured employees fixed monetary awards because of the injuries sustained on the job, without the need of litigation in court. Most employers carry workers' compensation insurance for cases like these.

Tell Your Employer

If you ever experience an injury at your work place you should notify your employer right away. It is highly recommended that you submit a report of your injuries in writing and that you retain a copy of this report for your records. In addition to notifying your employer, you should also file your workers' compensation claim right away. These types of claims are time sensitive so filing your claim right away will help ensure that you will receive the compensation that you are entitled to.

Third-Party Accident Damages

It is true yet unfortunate that most of the time workers' compensation insurance does not provide enough benefits to the employee who was injured. Because of this certain laws have been passed where the employee can file a workers' compensation claim, and file a lawsuit against a responsible third-party. The third party is not the employer in these cases. Third-party monetary recoveries may be more beneficial to the employee than workers' compensation would be. In a third-party lawsuit the employee may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Compensation due to pain and suffering


Contacting Your Lawyer

When you experience a work related injury, you will want an experienced lawyer who will investigate and find all possible sources of compensation that you may be entitled to. These claims may become very complicated and expensive fast, and that is why you want a lawyer with a reputable law firm who has a lot of experience and resources available to them.

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