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Rollover Accidents

Riverside & San Bernardino Rollover Accidents Attorney

One of the most dangerous car accidents are rollover accidents. These accidents are when the vehicle turns over onto its side or roof. While it is possible for all vehicles to roll over, vehicles that have a high center of gravity are most likely to have these accidents.

If you or a loved one ever experience a rollover accident it is very important that you immediately contact a well established attorney who can immediately start an investigation and secure any evidence relating to the accident. These cases are very expensive to fight, so you want to make sure and obtain a lawyer who has the financial resources to be able to hire any experts or investigators that you need to prove your case.

Choosing Your Inland Empire Attorney

You want to make sure that the attorney that you hire has a lot of experience in all aspects of auto accident cases. The attorney will need to perform certain tasks right away in order to preserve a good case for you. Some of these tasks include:

- Making the proper arrangements to secure and store the vehicle involved. This is done so as to preserve any evidence that may be of value to your case.
- Locating all witnesses and interviewing them. This is especially important to get done while the incident is fresh in the people's mind.
- Locating all police and any other investigative reports and reviewing them.
- Hiring the appropriate investigators and experts to investigate the scene of the accident.
- Hiring qualified experts to inspect the vehicle and all its systems.
- Hiring qualified experts to find out the reason for the rollover accident and the injuries sustained.

Compensation For Injuries Sustained

Very often in a rollover accident the victims sustain severe injuries, and sometimes even death. These injuries that the victims suffer may have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Some of the common injuries that victims of a rollover accident sustain include:

- Spinal cord injuries, which may result in the victim being paralyzed
- Loss of limbs
- Broken bones or fractures
- Damage to internal organs
- Disfigurement
- Head injuries, sometimes including brain damage

All of these injuries carry with them a heavy financial burden. Victims may be entitled to compensation for losses such as:

- wages, including past and future
- medical bills, including hospital bills
- other expenses that are accident related
- current and future pain, including disfigurement
- disability
- decreased ability for the body to protect against sickness and infections
- decreased life expectancy

Who Is Held Responsible

In some cases of rollover accidents experts are able to prove that the vehicle manufacturer is at fault due to defective parts. Sometimes the rollover is caused because of impacts with road hazards. In some cases the driver may partially be found at fault for the rollover accident, however in these cases often times other people are as well, for instance the manufacturer. It is very important to contact a well experienced attorney who can help fight your case.

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