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Loma Linda Personal Injury Attorney | Work Injury Lawyer in Loma Linda

Loma Linda Personal Injury Attorney

The Loma Linda Personal Injury Law Firm and Attorney's represents Loma Linda's injury and accident victims in Auto Accidents, Workers Compensation cases, Industrial Accidents, and other cases involving personal injury. We have offices throughout the inland empire, and have represented clients throughout Loma Linda, Riverside and the Inland Empire.

When you have been injured, you can’t count your employer, work comp insurance company or HR departments generosity or good nature to take care of your problems. Our law firm handles both accepted and denied workers compensation claims, including complex and difficult injury cases, serious trauma injury cases including brain injury, spinal cord injury and other physical and internal injury cases.

Not all lawyers and attorneys are created equal. Our Law Firm has the experience and resources to help you.

We specialize in orthopedic, neurological, internal, toxic exposure, amputation, life pension and death injury and claims. The choice of a lawyer is one that can affect your long-term financial security. You should take your decision to hire an injury attorney seriously. So don’t hire a lawyer until you have talked to us. Call us now at 1-800-801-1569 or submit the form on this website today.

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We have Experienced Loma Linda Personal Injury Attorneys that can help

Our Loma Linda Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys have helped injured people like you—people who didn't think they could afford an expertise of an experienced accident attorney and injury lawyer to protect their rights. Our Loma Linda attorneys have handled hundreds of personal injury cases from begining to settlement or trial. The attorney consultation is free and there are no up front fees or hidden costs to retaining our legal services. As your car and auto accident attorneys, you will never receive a bill for our time. We will provide you with a toll free 800 number and provide you with an email address for 24 hour access to our law firm.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a accident or personal injury in Loma Linda due to another driver's negligence, workplace injury or personal injury, please contact our law firm to find out more about your legal rights and to speak with a lawyer. Call our skilled personal injury attorneys today at 1-800- 801-1569 to have a free and comprehensive accident consultation.


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