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Nursing Home Abuse

Riverside & San Bernardino Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

We look to nursing homes to help us care for our elderly relatives who have medical needs we just can't meet in our own homes. We rely on these facilities to watch over our family members when we aren't able to. There are over 100,000 adults living in nursing facilities in the state of California alone. For many of these people, abuse and neglect are a daily reality in nursing homes throughout the state.

Defenseless Elderly Placed At Risk

Less than adequate elder care is something we can detect if we are diligent. The federal government and our state government have standards which nursing homes are expected to take into consideration when staffing their facilities; some shirk these recommendations at the expense of the safety of our elderly. Often the victim may be afraid to blow the whistle on a facility that is neglecting or hurting them. This may be out of fear of the abuser, fear no one will listen, or fear they may have to move to another, worse facility. Talk to your family and listen to concerns. If anyone is uncomfortable with something that's happened, act swiftly. If warranted, call on a lawyer with experience in the area of nursing home neglect and elder abuse to find out your options.

Indications and Symptoms of Riverside & San Bernardino Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect and abuse can have many faces. Some are obviously more serious than others but all require immediate attention to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Some examples of elderly neglect are failure to prevent diseases or a current condition from worsening, neglecting to provide basic daily care, and failing to provide the proper medical care for existing medical conditions. Elderly abuse can take form as assault and battery, sexual abuse, forcing a person to remain in a room or area against their will, and putting hands on the elderly in a forceful or harmful way, like pushing, slapping or shaking. Other signs of poor care are the use of unnecessary restraints, the under or overdosing or just missing patient medication doses, and failure to keep a reasonably safe and sanitary living space. Facilities aim to keep costs down by not hiring enough staff, or staff that isn't properly trained, to adequately care for the number of residents. This is an unacceptable practice and is putting many elderly at risk for abuse and neglect.

Our elderly are the group most susceptible to being abused or neglected. Many are unable to protect themselves. We need to step in and keep them from harm. If something has happened, contact a lawyer today who can help file a claim and get the compensation needed to properly take care of your elderly family members after being abused at the hands of an understaffed or just plain neglectful nursing home facility. If the facility has to pay monetary damages to the victim it will encourage them to adhere to policies in place to keep the elderly safe in the future.

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