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Motorcycle Accidents

Riverside & San Bernardino Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys

Crashes involving motorcycles are usually considered much worse than accidents involving other types of vehicles, due to the lack of solid barriers between the rider and other vehicles. These accidents carry a higher instance of serious injuries and death to the motorist than other vehicular accidents.

In The Event of An Accident Involving Motorcycles

To protect your health and you rights in the event of a motorcycle collision, there are 4 very important steps to take immediately.

1. Escape to Safety- Many vehicle collisions involve dangerous fuel leaks. Also, move all people out of the way of traffic to avoid further injuries.
2. Seek Medical Attention- See a doctor immediately and have scans and tests performed to assess injuries.
3. Report the accident- This will give you the proper documentation of all vehicles, driver and witnesses of the accident.
4. Call an attorney- A good attorney will ensure proper investigation of the accident, get statements from witnesses and help to obtain the proper follow-up medical care.

Recovery For Motorcycle Injuries in Inland Empire

In the event of a motorcycle accident, injuries, often serious, are very common. 3 different categories of people could be held responsible for the injuries sustained during an accident.

The Driver at Fault, Owner of the Vehicle, Employers of Drivers Operating Company Vehicles- The person directly at fault for causing the accident should be held responsible. However, if the driver does not own the car, the owner can also be held responsible.

Governing Bodies- Road conditions responsible for vehicle accidents are the responsibility of the governing body responsible for its construction and maintenance.

Vehicle and Safety Equipment Manufacturers- Faulty equipment or equipment that failed to provide necessary protection during an accident is the responsibility of the manufacturer of that product.

Damages For Motorcycle Injuries in Riverside & San Bernardino

Damages that can be recovered in the form for financial compensation can come as restitution for one or more of the following 4 categories of damage:

Medical Bills- any and all medical bills that are a result of the accident.

Pain and Suffering- Different levels of pain and trauma warrant different amounts of compensation. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney can help to make this assessment.

Wages- Recovery of lost and future loss of wages as well as reimbursement for medical leave or vacation time.

Punitive Damages- These are uncommon, but are sometimes appropriate as a form of punishment to the negligent party.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation

The laws on negligence demand that proof of fault of another party must be provided in order to recover financial compensation for damages. Up to 70% of motorcycle accident are caused by the negligent actions of another driver. Damaged roadways, construction and improper signage are all factors that need to be investigated as possible causes of an accident. Trained experts should review vehicle failure or malfunction and all safety gear should be checked for conformity to government regulations. A motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure that qualified experts and other technicians perform a proper investigation on the accident.

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