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1 Dead, 3 Injured After Head-On Collision

A head-on collision killed 1 person and injured 3 on Thursday, July 18, 2013, in Kelseyville. The accident took place around noon on Highway 29 near Red Hills Road. The accident occurred between two vehicles and took the life of a 62 year-old woman and caused major injuries to two children.

The 60 year-old woman who faces charges for driving under the influence also suffers from moderate injuries. Police officials believe that drugs are a major factor in the collision.

The accident happened when the 60 year-old woman was heading south on Highway 29 when she drifted onto the dirt shoulder. She accidently over-corrected this mistake and crossed into the center divider into the northbound lane. As a result, she hit a Mitsubishi driven by the deceased woman.

After the accident, the jaws of life were needed to free the fatally injured woman. It took about an hour to remove her from her vehicle. Afterwards, she was transported to a nearby hospital where she died of her injuries from the collision. The other passengers in her vehicle were a 10 year-old boy and girl.

Head-On Collisions Caused by Impaired Drivers

Head-on collisions are frequently caused by impaired drivers. Alcohol and drugs tend to make drivers sleepy or drowsy. When a driver becomes sleepy, that short moment of inattention can lead to a severe accident. Even when the driver does wake up and become alert, it can cause them to panic and overcorrect their mistake like in the story described above.

In other instances, drunk drivers become lost and confused and enter the freeway through the exit. Drunk drivers will head east on westbound lanes or head south and north bound lanes and then collide head-on into unsuspecting drivers.

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